Complete Spins to Get High Scores in Wonky Ship iPhone

Kiz Studios has launched a new and unique arcade survival game that you can mainly play on the ios devices only

wonky ship walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will take a role as a brave intergalactic pilot, trying to outmaneuver the ravenous pull of a plasma fueled black hole.
In your attempt to get out of that place, you will weave, dodge, cuss, flip out, and roll around with your ship

Anything you do in this game is to live longer and to get score as high as possible
In the way of gaining points, you will need to do 360 degrees spin with your ship.

To do that, you will simply go all the way to the top, as straight as possible
In the mean time, you will start spinning until you get to the base of the asteroid.
If you can do this trick well, you will get 200 points at ease

Note that be sure to do 3 complete spins to get some extra points from the damage multiplier.
If you can do it perfectly, you will be able to unlock the second ship, that will lead you to get super high scores.

After unlocking a steadier ship, you will need a lot more time in the danger zone, the asteroid that will get you to increase your points score.

When being at that spot, if your ship starts going too much to the left or right or when an asteroid is about to come from the upper side of the screen, you have to go to the top of the screen while doing 1 to 2 complete spins on your way back.
Again, if you can do that well, you will be granted with a super high score.

Later on, you will do short taps to the left and right instead of long taps toward your ship
At that moment, you may get your ship started going to one side or the other side, in which you have to tap it a few short times to get the ship back in the stable position.

At the same time, you can also hold both fingers on the screen to fly higher that will be handy to avoid the large asteroid at the bottom.

Furthermore, after playing this game for a while, you will need to take a break ever 10 or 15 minutes then get back to the game with a fresh mind and rested eyes.
Once doing so, you can then do a lot better progress through the game

Meanwhile, there will not be useful to learn or to achieve in multiplayer games
Besides, you can then test your skills in the single player area, where you will be able to farm score as high as you can


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