Complete Quests to Unlock Secret Crew in You Must Build A Boat iPhone

EightyEight Games has presented You Must Build A Boat game that can be included in an endless puzzle adventure game, you will eliminate monsters and collect treasure through a series of match-3 dungeons, as well as attracting a ready crew to build and man your ever-growing boat.

you must build a boat walkthrough ios android

When going to deal with enemies in this game, just check Woodward’s book for a dungeon or quest’s modifiers info from the quest start screen then try to adjust your strategy as needed.

Always remember not to waste attack tiles between enemies.
There will be times during a run where you will be moving between enemies or treasure chests
You will only attack enemies once you are closing next to them

On the other side, when you match key tiles before you are next to a treasure chest—even if the chest is visible on-screen, the match will not count towards unlocking the chest.
Sometimes, you may intentionally make unused matches to free up space on the board.

Later on, you will go to the trap tiles on-screen, where you will have to make a match that will disarm the trap from any distance.

Here, you can try to use down time to match shield, power, and thought tiles.
Meanwhile, you will have a period of free running before the level increase box pops up and randomly assigns a new dungeon modifier to your run.
When being at this situation, you can merely continue matching and clear the board of any shield, then power tiles to free up space for swords, staffs, and keys
In the mean time, you can refresh your tiles by matching as many as possible.

You can then get item tiles by matching crates or by breaking apart crate tiles, that will guide you to get spells, bows, bombs, or food.
You can use spells and bows to damage or slow enemies
You can also use bombs to break all crate tiles currently on the board
Use food as a boost of energy so that you can move farther away from falling off the screen.

Staffs or staves are the red wand tiles that you must match on the game board as they will deal Magic damage to enemies.
And, the blue sword tiles can deal Physical damage.
You can upgrade Staff or stave power at Silver’s Staffery.

Matching red staff tiles will beat enemies in magic
And, enemies resistant to Magic will be hurt less by the same tiles.

You can find spells within crate tiles, like Fireball, Flash Freeze, etc.
Then, you can upgrade these items’ power at Leem’s Arcanery.
Anyway, all of these items will not do Magic damage but they do damage, or cause effects, specifically related to their element such as fire, ice, etc.
Then, an enemy immune to Fire will not be harmed by Fireball, but will be harmed by red staff tiles.

Always remember to match quickly and upgrade your adventurer regularly.
Once going through some levels through the game, you will unlock more ways to upgrade like making attack and magic tiles stronger, increasing your defense and shield capacity, improving spell items’ abilities, increasing food recovery, etc.

In order to pass enemies, just try to match swords and staffs.
To pass treasure chests, just try to match keys.
To avoid traps, just try to match whatever tile the trap is displaying.

For further, you must complete quests as you will still earn any currency and items you picked up on that attempt.
Once you beat the game, you can then unlock an open-ended mode where you can play without any quests and replay any area or dungeon you choose.

Along the game, you will be able to recruit most of the human and monster crew automatically by progressing through the game or completing quests.
In line with this, there are a number of secret crew members that can only be unlocked by completing special tasks or goals.


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