Complete Quests to Get Runes Coins in Puzzle Craft 2 iPhone

Puzzle Craft 2 from Chillingo has been available on ios and android platforms where you will be brought to farm crops, manage mines, explore the seas and build the towns for having more runes

puzzle craft 2 walkthrough ios android

In other words, all you will do is to match tiles, gather up some valuable resources, craft tools and build up your towns.
Here, you will also get some runes that will be useful to control weather, summon villagers and more

Later on, you will also be tasked to collect some more resources that you can do by revisiting old villages which you have completed before
There, you can also carry over the tools and special items that you craft do

In this game, every village will provide you some challenges to complete for nice rewards
At this point, you can also get new challenges with the resources
Also, you will have to complete each given quest in a new village
By completing each quest there, you will be able to unlock new goodies and free coins as well.

In order to get more resources, you must concentrate on the farm games for the first time
Here, you can play the farm puzzle games and they will offer the basic resources
Thus, it will highly be recommended to focus on them since they will give you a steady supply of resources

With a bunch of resources you have collected from the quest, you can sell them for having more coins
You can do this in completed villages, since you will not really need few resources anymore.

Once making a good progress in this game, you will unlock variations of the same puzzle type in form of of grass, birds, trees and more.
Every type of puzzle will have pros and cons where some will provide special moves, and some will unlock items faster, others resources

According to this, you can then select the puzzles you want active in the game
Besides, you can also make an experiment which puzzle you want to keep there
Sometimes, getting the free moves from the Turkeys will be better than having the Chicken, since you have got a bunch of eggs resources


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