Complete Quests to Get More CP in Cards and Castles HD iPhone

Bit Mass has launched new card collecting game, Cards and Castles where you can build your deck by collecting various cards and play them out in a grid-based strategy game.

cards and castles walkthrough ios android

Early on, you will have to unlock new cards as much as possible that you can do by completing scenarios missions in that you will have a chance of collecting a pre-built deck.

After completing the intro quests, you can unlock the Pirate category cards.
At this point, you will see that each category of chapters is named after the card type which you will have to unlock for beating all of that category.

As an illustration, the next set of chapters is Warlocks Unlock, in that you have to keep playing through the scenarios in order to build your deck to the fullest
Here, you can only use two factions for one deck.

On the other side, you will also have to gather up CP that you can realize by completing matches and quests as well.

Just look at the top right corner of the main menu to find your quest log.
Your quests have some sort of objective you have to fill, such as playing certain amount of games.
So, always check the daily deals in order to collect CP to purchase specific cards.

Once getting your cards pack, you will have to learn and master the different card factions
Vikings is the viking cards concentrating on brute strength then you are able to find unit cards with beefy attack power, attack power buff cards, and unit buff cards dealing with wind knockback and area attacks.

Crusaders are holy warriors fighting with the light on their side.
Their cards will come to defense-oriented types, and you will also have a bunch of healing or regeneration spell cards.

Pirates will always fight in dirty and full of tricks.
These cards concentrate on debuffs that can weaken your opponent’s units and also gain the upper hand in battle.
Also, they also have some gold-related cards that will help you with gold income

Warlocks consist of deadly area attack cards and Mages have mastered the destructive arts such as Fire Whirl, Pillar of Flame, and Wall of Fire in which they are all good area attack spells that deliver good damage.
And, The Pyromancer unit card’s basic attack will deliver damage in a small area, as well as damaging all nearby enemies.

Ninjas can be said as stealthy assassins utilizing the battlefield to their advantage.
You can increase their movement with cards such as Shadow Katana, Stance of the Swift Mantis, and Lunge.
Moreover, they have access to sneaky surprises, such as the Vanish card, that can return unit cards you have played back into your hand.

Neutral cards are the common ones and everyday units with having no special bonuses
But, these cards are usually used for filler when you have no more of your faction cards to fill your deck with.

Later on, you will have to capture towers on certain levels with any mean necessary
These towers will be grayed out, under no one’s control.
And, these towers will make it realign itself with that team.
This tower will automatically attack an enemy walking within its distance
In line with this, having these towers will be great for extra defense
The main point is not to let the enemy gain control of them.

In addition, always keep in mind that be sure to complete some of the scenarios before you raid another player as your starter deck has only the basics in it
For further, you need to progress through the scenarios to develop your card deck.


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