Complete Quests to Get Lapis in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius iPhone

Square Enix has continued to launch Final Fantasy Brave Exvius which is the newest series of popular RPG Final Fantasy on the ios and android markets

final fantasy brave exvius walkthrough ios android

This newest chapter of the Final Fantasy side stories is the combination of the town and dungeon exploration of the console Final Fantasy franchise with battling for mobile RPGs

Here, you will meet some characters from the history of the Final Fantasy franchise, which consist of the main games and the side games.

When getting involved in the battle, you can choose to select auto battle which completely ignores your limit breaks, magic, and item usage.
At this point, when fighting against a tougher enemy and changing up your strategy, you must turn auto battle off completely so that you can control your heroes
Plus, you can use limit breaks, magic and items to your advantage.

When going to a town, make sure to tap up the weapon and armor shops immediately to purchase some equipment for every hero in your party
Just, tap optimize button to automatically equip the best equipment for your character.

Do not forget to talk to all of the villagers when you come to a new town area
Talking to them will give you a plenty of side quests which will earn you special prizes in form of equipment
Besides, you can also craft specific recipes to get a new spell or a rare piece of equipment
Also, you can even synthesize a new hero.

Always sort your team members by rarity
In accordance with this, you can add the rarest one to your party
Then, go to the Enhance option to fuse common team members into your rare ones
Doing this will allow your heroes to gain experience level fast
Thus, if your unit reaches its maximum level, they will increase their stats
When doing so, you must have the materials and Gil, then awaken your unit to send it back down to level 1 and upgrade its star rarity by one.

Lapis seems to be the premium currency of this game
You can get this currency by completing all of the battle quests in a particular area
Then, go to the exploration area to find treasure
There, you may deal with boss battle which will give you big rewards in form of Lapis and any other items to be equipped to your heroes
After beating the boss, take the exit and you will beat the level then go to the next level.


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