Complete Quests to Get Gold in Clash of Queens Dragon Rise iPhone

Clash of Queens is the newest massively multiplayer online strategy game also known as MMORTS from ELEX Wireless that you can play both on the ios and android devices

Along the game, all you will do is to start a kingdom, raise a dragon, send them to battle against monsters and against other players for reward in form of gold, the premium currency of this game

To build your kingdom you will need a time to upgrade your farms and other resource implements.
Here, you will get resources supply upgraded through researching new technologies at the college.

In line with this, you must upgrade your kingdom at high speed by following the quests at the bottom menu.
Make sure to get one finished successfully to get some big reward in form of gold

On the other side, make sure to train your troops, keep your barracks stable and your range loaded with training troops along the times.

When you are about to send your troop to attack other players, you can firstly scout them so that you can see how much troops you will need to beat them.
At that time, always take your dragon into account, since you will gain experience fast.

Meanwhile, it will be better to join an alliance
Doing so will allow you to get a free alliance speed-up so that you can move your kingdom closer to your alliance.
This circumstance will give you more protection when the other player attacks a member of your alliance

When attacking other players, you can still attack stationary monsters on the map area
In the mean time, you can load up on resources and experience points.
And, you must keep a constant flow of research then train your troop to be reliable to beat tougher players.

In addition, gold is the premium currency of this game that you can get for free by completing the quest
To get them more, make sure to beat the attacking players and get every victory from the battle in the game

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