Complete Quests to Get Diamonds in Clash of Commanders Iron Tides iPhone

Clash Of Commanders Iron Tides from WiSTONE may be a war management game with real time strategy that you can play both on the ios and android mobiles

clash of commanders iron tides walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to build and reinforce a home base from the start
Afterward, you will raise an unstoppable army to conquer the world.
Besides, you can also take part in alliances, where you can attack other players altogether

Similar to any other games in the same genre, you will have to complete the main quests where they will ensure that your base has all of the important buildings
Make sure to get everything up to date.

By completing the quests, you will get some resource rewards, which will make you work towards the next objective.

On the other side, you will join a random alliance where you will get help to speed up your buildings construction
Moreover, they will help you during battles, and you may access to alliance quests where you will get more resources in form of diamonds by completing them.

On the other side, you will get bonus rewards by collecting free gift
In line with this, just tap the little present bouncing around at the bottom left corner of the screen to collect some extra items

Later on, you can utilize the free speedup for most of your building’s construction
Be sure to instantly finish it to get a respectable base with a nice supply of resources
Thus, the main key to survive in this game is to keep constructing the buildings which will grant you a bunch of resources which may be in form of diamonds, the premium currency of this game


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