Complete Quests to Earn Sigils Coins in Blood Brothers 2 Android

DeNa has just come long with Blood Brothers 2 as the popular mobile RPG specifically made for the mobile platforms, ios and android

blood brothers 2 walkthrough ios android

Here, the familiar dark army of the undead returns, and you will encounter a new battle system along with new methods of progression bundled in the best anime-inspired graphics.

Throughout the game, you will be able to collect massive amounts of rare commanders, while collecting blood sigils and gold coins
Later on, to get more blood sigils and gold coins which are the main currencies of this game, you will have to play various new game modes such as the arena mode.

When playing in this mode, you will get involved in the battle, where you must focus on the elemental affinities of your commanders and the enemy commanders.

Red beats green
Green beats blue
Blue beats red

If you already know and learn such elements, you should manage your party before going to the battle and make sure that the commanders who do not have a perfect elemental match are matched up against the rarest or highest level commanders in your party.

On the other side, you are assigned to train your creatures which is easy and obvious, as long as you have enough gold for doing so
Also, ascending them will allow the creatures to grow even more powerful.

In line with this, it will be highly recommended to have duplicate versions of the same character in order to ascend them.
After ascending them fully they will evolve and add another rarity star, as well as be dropped back down to level 1 for them.

Meanwhile, in your exploration along the game, you can watch out for openings on each exploration map, so that you can avoid fighting as you desire.
At this point, you can do it until enemies move, or you can draw them out of the way to get them to leave a path open for you to get to the enemy castle without even getting involved in a fight.
Here, you will also get the same amount of experience either way in which you might miss out on signing a new commander to your party.

As stated before, blood sigils and gold coins are the main currencies of this game that you have to gather up for purchasing some cool items for your heroes

In the way of getting these blood sigils and coins for free, you will have to complete the various quests and achievements in the game.
Once collecting them, you should save them up until you have enough to get at least one rare pack, then you can use it along the stage.

Remember to use your blood sigils for rare pack only and do not use the blood sigils for energy refills or for restarting a stage on which you have been beaten so that you will also learn that stage while earning more and more blood sigils and gold coins.

In addition, you will have to get some experience points in order to go through another stage again
For such reasons, you can replay the old stages, the last stage that you have just beaten, then go back and play it again and again until your energy runs out.
In the mean time, you can use all of that extra experience points to make your weaker party members into stronger and the most powerful ones ever.


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