Complete Quests to Earn More Gems in Phantom Breakers Android

Unalis Tech has presented the most exciting Action RPG with intense battle style and fast paced game speed which is bundled in Phantom Breakers specifically designed for android and ios soon.

phantom breakers walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be allowed to form a team consists of 4 players then you and your team can explore dungeons together, as well as fighting against epic bosses with their legendary equipment.

Throughout the game, you will be able to gather up and enhance hundreds of different equipment that is in variety from common to rare one due to its incredible power.

Anyway, before starting to play this game, it will be highly recommended to learn the basic stats first
Item Points is the total points dedicated to all equipped items.
Strength represents Hero’s Defense, Attack of Warrior and Monk.
Stamina is Hero’s maximum HP.
Intelligence is Hero’s maximum HP, HP restoring speed, Attack of Mage.
Agility is Hero’s dodge rate, Attack of Hunter.
PUP Durability is PVP battle damage relief.
HP Steal is the amount of restored HP when attacking enemies.
Attack is Hero’s damage to enemies.
Defense is Hero’s suffered damage under attack by enemies.
Dodge is Hero’s chance of fully dodging the attack from enemies.
Crit Chance will cause 1.5 to 2 times of damage.
Treasure Chance is the chance of Cold and items dropped.

Along the game, you will explore each area and get involved in the battle with any enemy standing in your way
By beating every enemy you meet, you will usually get items that you can collect for further need
Your bound items cannot be thrown away.
And, if you need gold, you can sell those items within the sale area for exchanging with gold.

Meanwhile, some items above yellow quality will be bound after they are equipped.
This is same for all rewarding items that you have achieved through various methods.

Later on, you will have to complete some given quests for having more gems, which are the main currency of this game

At this point, side quests can tie aborted and undone quest list shows all accepted but undelivered Mainline Quests, Side Quests and Daily Quests.

Besides, you will also encounter acceptable list that shows all the available quests.
And, done list will show all completed and delivered Mainline Quests which cannot be refunded once they are accepted.
But, Side Quests can be refunded at the quest list or from NPCs.

Except quests, you will level up your hero through the battle with enemies
At this phase, entering different levels will cost Energy points in which you can check details at the level selection interface.

Then, when you are lack of Energy you will not be able to level up your hero.
In line with this, your energy will restore gradually over time.
If you do not want to wait your energy to get back in long time, you can use Diamonds to purchase Energy immediately.


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