Complete Quests to Earn Gems in FarmVille Tropic Escape iPhone

Zynga along with their newest game FarmVille Tropic Escape will bring you to build your own virtual farm on your ios and android devices

farmville tropic escape walkthrough ios android

Here, you will explore a colorful island complete with island workshops, tropical crops and exotic animals.
In your farm, you will then grow pineapples, coconuts and orchids then get fresh seafood such as pina coladas, grilled fish, and flower leis.

To do this, you can send animal helpers such as Capri the dolphin to catch fish to grill.
When exploring the island, make sure to complete the story based quests by exploring uncharted areas, learning the stories of the island and finding rare items and goods.

Your main objective here is to exchange an old inn in nice tropical island to be a top notch resort.
To make it happen, you will need to farm, cook, dive and do any activity to make your island look greater than the others

Later on, you will need to grow and harvest crops by taping on a plot of land
Then, drag the plant you wish to grow onto the square.
After planting one crop it will yield two when it is harvested, and you will not need to water them

By farming you will get some of the raw materials to create other items, where you can turn pineapples into pineapple smoothies at the Tiki Bar.

Besides, you will then get items for recipes where you can do it by tapping on the coconut tree
You may use an item to get others, such as giving the dolphin one pineapple to yield two fish.

Harvesting or crafting action will need a certain amount of time to finish
It is why, you can speed it up any timer with gems, which is the game’s premium currency.
You can get more gems by completing any given quest in the game

On the other side, you will have to level up faster and get more coins by fulfilling guest orders on the message board located on your resort’s dock.

Just tap the ‘Deliver’ button to send the proper items to your partner so that they will drop off the order to one of the bungalows in her boat, which will come with the rewards in return.

In order to complete the current quest, just tap on the clipboard icon on the left side of the screen.
Then swipe back and forth between the quest givers to get the one to tackle.
Be sure to get the objectives completed for more than one quest at a time
As an illustration, if two people want you to cook three crab rolls, you should make three, not six ones.

As said earlier, completing such quests will rewards you with gems and other items then help to advance the narrative of the game.

Moreover, you will also gain XP by completing the quests
You can firstly practice to complete the quest by snorkeling at the Coral Reef.
Doing this will bring you to get crabs and the XP
It also costs you one pineapple smoothie for each diver and takes 15 minutes when doing it

In related to gems, you can use them to expand your silo and boathouse so that you will get them to a point where they can hold more.


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