Complete Quests to Earn Gems Cards in Casual Warrior iPhone

Casual Warrior from Rafo technology can be said as a new idle RPG which is specifically for the ios and android devices

casual warrior walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will get options to manually fight, or more commonly, to have your heroes and pets fight automatically within certain time, while collecting coins and loot and other goodies

Here, you will also have to control the equipment that you earn
Later on, you must upgrade and swap it out, while getting new pets to help your heroes in the battlefield

During in the battlefield, you can set your heroes into battle for a limited amount of time
After going through each battle, your heroes will gain experience points to level them up
While battling with enemies, you can still go into your bag of equipment, while swapping loot in and out, and enhancing loot to power up your heroes

When doing so, just swap in the rarest and most powerful pet
It is caused by, you will need to send them into battle which will help you gain more experience points
Once gaining enough experience points in the game, you can use experience items to enhance your pet

If you play this game daily, make sure to tap the tasks menu and the daily menu where you will know what various quests to complete for rewards in form of items of a high rarity, gems, and other goodies.

Gems here can be said as the premium currency of this game
One of other ways to get gems is to get each quest completed successfully

For such reasons, just consider to complete the tasks to rack up rare items and gems then come back every day for new daily tasks to complete next for gems and any valuable items.

On the other side, gear can be refined to increase its power
To do it, specific props is required to refine the gear.

In order to get such props, just go to the lab and tab down to the prop compose menu so that you will see what ingredients you need to compose specific props.
You can compose pills with various ingredients.
Then, you can use these pills to provide your character a permanent stat boost.

Anyway, you will not be able to equip your heroes with new armor, weapons, or other gear if you have a full bag

Also, you cannot open treasure chests either with full of bag.
To solve this, you may use some of your gems to increase the maximum amount of stuff for your bag to hold more items

Besides, you may want to sell items to make more room
Or, you can use quick-sell to get rid of all items such as the common ones of a specific rarity.


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