Complete Quests to Earn Extra Diamonds in Demigod War Android

Paranoid Joy has a polished turn-based strategy RPG, called Demigod War that is currently designed for android platform on y in which it may be launched for ios devices as well

demigod war walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will travel around the dimensions, while collecting ultimate heroes of the regions to be recruited for your own team
During your exploration to find your heroes, you will get a chance to get six star heroes by summoning them through Chamber of Heroes section using Legendary Hero Summon Stone.
To get six star heroes, you can combine two five star heroes with max level and enhancement.

Once collecting your heroes, you can enhance and combine them to be the most powerful ones
Besides, you can also reincarnate your hero to change its disposition.
If your hero is an attacker type, just try to reincarnate it to become tank type or balanced type.
To do this, it needs two identical heroes to reincarnate it in Manage Heroes section.

Furthermore, you can try to summon the other heroes by collecting the right amount of soul bead through the Chamber of Heroes.
In accordance with this, you can get soul bead by completing the stages in adventure.

On the other side, you can manufacture variety equipment and enchant them
To enhance the equipment, you will need a certain materials to do so.

Meanwhile, you can also enchant the equipment that gives your item an additional attributes like fire, water, tree, light or dark attack.
Note that you will need a certain scroll to enchant the equipment which you can find through different stages in adventure.

When you do the enhancing process, you will need store keep your hero safe from being an ingredient. Having this store will help you avoid your hero being an ingredient in enhancing or by accidentally selling it.

Before crafting your equipment, you will need gold and the right materials to craft the equipment.
To find the materials needed for crafting the equipment, just find the location of the materials by tapping the “search” button of the materials in the crafting screen.

After having powerful heroes and good materials, your heroes are now ready to battle with enemies
During the battle, you can change their position by dragging them to the position you want to move.
And, you will lose a turn if you change position during battle.
Be sure to finish a certain stages in other area of the map to unlock the other difficulties.

Sometimes, learning disposition, the secondary type of your hero will give you a knowledge of your heroes stats
At this point, Attacker, Extreme Attacker, Balanced Type, Defender, Extreme Defender are the classification of disposition.
Every disposition will change the stat of the heroes based on its classification.

And, force will show your team overall power in that it will increase or decrease based on the heroes you have selected in your team.

Later on, you can also create a guild by tapping either Mercenaries or Alliance Headquarters in the main screen
To create your guild, you will have to use 500,000 gold.

In addition, this game will feature currencies in form of gold and cash
To get more of them for free, you must try to complete every given quest
Once completing each quest, you will be granted with either gold or diamonds
Having more gold and diamonds will really be handy to level up your heroes and purchase any other advanced weapons


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