Complete Quests to Earn Coins in Skylanders Battlecast iPhone

Activision Publishing has launched Skylanders Battlecast both on the apple store and android markets
This game is a kind of a trading card game where you will get over 300 cards and build a deck around your favorite skylanders.

skylanders battlecast walkthrough ios android

Here, you will command your heroes from the Skylanders series and lead them to another dimension then teach them how to use their natural abilities

In daily basis, you will get to accomplish the quests in which you must complete them before time is up, since you will get new cards and a lot of coins after completing them

In this game, coins are the premium of this game that you can get for free by completing the quests
To get new cards, you can use your coins to open up new card packs.

During the game, you will take your heroes into each realm and level which has special conditions affecting your heroes
When being in the Fire Realm, all water-type skylanders will gain +10 extra attack power
And, fire-type skylanders will also have +30 max health.

The main pint is always to read over all of the conditions before going to a level, as you will get your victory if mastering the condition first
When playing in the “Fire It Up” level, all heroes there will be blasted for 10 damage at the end of each turn.

On the other side, you will have to earn three stars in each level
Because of this, you must always try to survive during the battle as you will get all of the stars representing your skylanders.

To manage your strategy here, you can protect your heroes by switching them out if one of your party gets too low of health
In the mean time, always watch out for spell cards from enemies since they can attack your allies

Moreover, if you can get all of the stars on a level, you will also get additional coins bonus
Plus, getting all of the stars on an entire realm will grant you a lot of bonuses, such as new card packs and more coins.

Meanwhile, you will also need to level up your heroes by gaining experience points by playing a spell card or making your active ally attack at enemies
If your heroes get three XP, they will increase their rank

When getting rank 2, they will have an access to their unique ability card that is always drawn at the initial start of their turn.

If your heroes at rank 3, they will get bonus attack.
In accordance with this, you can try to spread the XP around your entire team evenly

In order to power up your party, you can use relics, a kind of passive effect cards which take up a space on the battlefield once they are played there.

So, make sure to survive during the battle with enemies, since the relics will give a bonus to all of your party members.

It is caused by, relics will have their own health and they can be targeted by your enemies
For such reasons, try your best to always protect them as they can really turn the tides, based upon what each relic is for.

Similar to any a trading card game, you may consider to experiment to any card combination
Therefore, you can pick your favorite heroes and try to build your deck around them.
Every hero in this game comes along with their own unique cards
Thus, experimenting with the other cards will let you know which ones will work well with each other heroes in your party.


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