Complete Quests to Collect Gold in Revenge of Sultans iPhone

Revenge of Sultans from Onemt Limited can be said as the combination of RTS and MMO games for the ios and android platforms

revenge of sultans walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will take a command of Middle East-themed kingdom
As a commander, you will have to build you kingdom, train your army, then use them to attack mummies and other players
Besides, you must also collect more resources form the other to supply your kingdom and armies

In accordance with this kind of resource, gold can be said as the premium currency which you can get by purchasing it from iaps or complete every given quests
With this gold, you can get some premium bonuses for free such as, Bronze Alliance, Iron Alliance and more

On the other side, you must also get your kingdom upgraded by tapping the silver hammer or the tips icon to go to the next recommended upgrade.
During at that moment, if the upgrade needs less than five minutes to complete, you can accomplish it for free as fast as you can.

To learn your kingdom area, all locations or spots outside of the gate is reserved for your farms, lumber mills, other resource buildings, marching tents and first help tents.

Then, every time, you level up, you will be allowed to unlock more territory there so that you can build more resource production buildings.

To increase the resources, you must keep focusing on the farms
It is caused by your troops will drain your food just by existing.
So, always have a high enough hourly food income to feed more troops

Before reaching level 6 in this game, you will be allowed to join an alliance
Joining alliance will allow you to use the novice migration to move your kingdom
Moreover, with your alliance, you can conquer an area of the map along the way

Meanwhile, it will highly be recommended to keep any resources boxes in your bag until you really want to use them for important items or buildings

Note that unused resources inside your bag cannot be stolen by other players.
And, your opponent can steal your resources if you use them.

When everything is ready, you can send your troops into the battlefield
Before battling with other players online, be sure to test your troops against mummies and other monsters that you find in the overworld.

During there, just try to scout them to determine how many troops you will need in the battle with the other player

When you are about to take over the other kingdoms, you can send as many troops as you can
Doing so will give you a big chance to win the battle and get more additional resources for your kingdom


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