Complete Quest to Get More Diamonds in Invasion iPhone

Tap4Fun has launched Invasion or War Zone World of Rivals game, that is the latest MMO strategy game for ios and android platforms

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The story goes a dystopian future in the year 2020 where are you and many others are fighting it out for a territory or resources of what little is left over there.

To get new territory, you will have to use a whole host of artillery and vehicles along with a whole host of sophisticated defenses.

You can do a lot things here where you will see all of the buildings to run together and look the same.
In line with this, you can start this game from the main quest, where you will automatically be directed to do things that will be important to building up your base, your defenses, and your offense.
From there, you are able to branch out and start finding things to upgrade yourself.

Sometimes, you will need to check out the other questions as well where you will be notified to send your troops on the request
And, if you are a member of a guild, you can send your troops out on guild quests as well.
Doing all these quests will get you to collect resources quickly for use later on when you are building or upgrading new structures or training new troops.

Those resources that you will collect are cash, food, energy, oil, and the steel.
So, just build as many of the resource buildings as possible.

In related to the cash, you can collect them by building more mints, which are built inside of your town.

You can also get some resources by building farms, steel mills, oil rigs and power plants, which are all built on the outskirts of your town.

There are some various resources in the game that you will need to collect to construct buildings, make better defenses, and create units, which are the heart of your operation, and your means of domination.

You can farm that will provide you with grain every hour, while a Steel Mill will supply your base with the metal it needs to produce units, increase your armor, and upgrade your defenses.
And, Oil Rigs and Energy Bases will also provide resources, which you will consume in your production and deployment efforts.

Upgrading your resource producers will provide you with more resources per hour, so that you can create more and better offensive and defensive items.

To win resources from enemies, you can try to play the war simulator as often as possibly as this will get you to win resources, power ups and diamonds for free.
In the mean time, make sure to focus on the limited-edition events as these are some of the best chances to get free diamonds.
Once starting any event, just try to complete it as much as possible to maximize your reward, diamonds mainly.

In order to make your defense, you must build more armories to produce more units, and build more garages to hold more units.
Having more units will be handy for both your attack power and your defense power.

If you have more units, you can defend your days even better
Also, you can send more units to attack other players and get some resources from their bases.

In the battlefield, your commander is also important here.
If you engage more battles, you will get the amount of bonuses.

On the other side, you must also build the military school and you can transfer experience from executed enemy commanders over to your commander.

In addition, you must come to some upgrades like upgrading The Storehouse that enables you to protect a certain number of resources when your base is under attack by the enemies
In the mean time, you must also build a Defense Center which will allow you to create anti air, tank, and SUV defenses to protect your base against attack from enemies.

Moreover, be sure to build up a Garage which will allow you to repair damaged units to prepare them for your onslaught against opposing forces
Building a Mint will also give more money that you can use to purchase units, buildings and defensive structures, and increase the assembly speed of your armory.

Later on, building and upgrading your Armory will be vital, as this will allow you to produce the units you need to attack and defeat other players.
You can produce four types of units namely SUVs, Tanks, Copters, and Cannons.

SUVs are basic mobile lightground units
The tanks are heavy hitters that will be useful to blast enemies at once
Copters can dominate the air
Cannons are good weapon to shoot copters out of the sky.


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