Complete Quest to Get Gold and Jewels in Design This Castle iPhone

Design This Castle is the product of App Minis LLC which offers a new building management game for the ios platform at the moment

design this castle walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will design your dream castle from the start
Then, you can construct rooms to fulfill the royal family’s wishes, resize and furnish them with whatever kind of furniture you think fits best then move any room in your castle relying on blueprinting system to design the entire layout of your castle.

On the other side, you will also have to complete quests and adventures where you will merely send your knights on the quests to collect rare, mysterious treasures which you can then display them in your castle.

When you are about to complete the quests, always follow the task book where you can rely on them to earn experience points and coins In the mean time, always consider to up to date your castle’s furnishings

To build your castle from the scratch, you will have to cut down the trees in the royal forest
When doing so, you will not have to stop and tap the pile of wood to collect it.
It is caused by, once it is on the ground for a couple of seconds, the game will collect it in automatic
So, just chop down them, then go back to replant saplings.

To make the attractive castle, you will have to decorate it with the high prestige furniture only
Every single piece of furniture will come along with crowns on it indicating the prestige.
If it has higher prestige, the piece of furniture will generate more gold over time.

For such reasons, always try to get such furniture since they will give you more gold for long time period

After reaching level 3 in the game, you will be able to unlock the trading post for your castle.
In line with this, you are able to send out merchants to do some trades

At this point, you will have to pick how long the trade will take
If it takes longer for the merchant to complete the trade, you will get more gold

Anyway, getting longer trades will usually come along with an initial fee which you will pay before the merchant departs.
Therefore, make sure to have a trade active by trying the shorter trades at first then try a long one

When building your castle, never to build the rooms too big as when you extend the for room extends the total gold price will go up higher

Besides, you can increase their size when you are plotting them down and be sure to plan out how much furniture you will put there

As usual, this game will feature gold and jewels as the main currencies which you can get in any other way
To get more gold, you will simply send your merchant to do some trades

Meanwhile, if you can complete quest you will be rewarded with gold and experience level to level up your castle

Once getting more gold, you can purchase furniture to decorate your castle to be the most attractive one

In addition, getting more free jewels seems to be hard to get since it will only be available on the iaps
Sometimes, you will get jewels as bonus when you can complete certain quests given by the game


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