Complete Quest to Get Gems Coins in Shadow of Dragon Android

KKplay has launched Shadow Dragon in which this game has been the most popular mobile RPG that you can play online on the android devices mainly

shadow of dragon walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be hero, going through the vandalized civilization to rescue the mainland.
Besides, you will also have to find your destined love there.

On the other side, you will also be tasked to build up your unique strategy of lineup and gears combination in this mysterious adventure

To increase your experience in the game, you will be able to play in various mode where you will go through easy mainline tasks or go to battle with hard challenged hero-dungeons

When you are playing with ExpelDemon at level 31 in the game, you will get three types of Demon namely Blue, Purple, and Orange.
At this point, orange will be the top one, that will give you big rewards if it is expelled
You will also have a chance to get free rewards by playing this game daily

Also, purple and orange demon will often pop up within 6 hrs, so be sure to expel it in time
In the mean time, you can also get 50 diamonds once there

Afterward, always remember to open reward after expel demon or it will disappear after it refreshes every 6 hours
When summoning them, you can be VIP2 where you can get 100 diamonds or gems once doing so

When you go for Aion at level 30 in the game, you will get many Strengthen stones, gems and exp when exploring each area

You will also go through 100 orders, in which one order will come along with 3 layers, and one layer will have 1 boss.
You may conquer the boss first to continue to the next layer.

This game will always include coins and gems or diamonds as the main currencies that you can collect for free
In order to get coins in the game, you will have to complete each given quest
Once completing certain quest, you will be rewarded with some gold coins

Meanwhile, diamonds or gems can be said as the premium currency of this game
You can grab them by completing mission or even certain successful quest completion given by this game


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