Complete Quest for More Coins in Dash Quest iPhone

Tiny Titan Studios has an exciting RPG game combined from fantasy action with endless runner game
This game will be a incredibly addictive, retro inspired game especially for mobile platforms.

dash quest walkthrough ios android

Graphically, this game has been made in beautiful retro inspired HD graphics serving a good action gameplay on mobile

Along the game, you will guide your hero to use spells and items while dashing through hordes of enemies on your way to challenging boss battles

Besides, you will also have to complete quests to unlock loot
Meanwhile, you are tasked to find and defeat rare enemies for rare loot as bonus

On the other side, you can also fully customize and upgrade your hero by unlocking new weapons, armor, relics, spells, skills, items and more

To play this game, you will merely tap right to attack, tap left to block and hold attack to launch a magical charge toward enemies standing in your path

Each time, your hero has increased his level, his HP and Mana will also increase
Because of this, your hero will get 3 skill points

Be sure to find and get items which can heal you replenish magic and more
You have to complete each given quest to get extra loot which will be really useful for your heroes

In addition, each time, you can complete each quest or mission, you will be rewarded with coins
With these coins, you can purchase any items needed by your hero


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