Complete Offer to Earn Gold Coins in Wizard Swipe iPhone

Wizard Swipe from niceplay games can be categorized into a new pixel-style tower defense game for mobile platforms, the ios and android

wizard swipe walkthrough ios android

To play the game, you will guide a wizard sitting on a tower while attacking the incoming enemiea in form of skeletons, zombies and other
To attack them, you need fireballs and other spells

Along the game, you have three different objectives to be completed for gold coins.
In these objectives, if you can eliminate a specific number of monsters, or hit them with 100 percent accuracy, without missing a shot, you will get more coins.

Since the coins are vital and they are the premium currency in the game, you will be able to get them in any other way

One of them is to to watch an ad video to double the coins
Make sure to have an internet connection to watch the video and speed up the time that it takes to earn enough for upgrades.

In related to upgrades, try to focus on powering up all of your spells, which will affect both kinds of fireballs as well as all of your bonus spells.
Doing this will improve the ability of the fireball, so that it can beat an enemy, and it allows you to shoot through multiple enemies with just one fireball.

When doing so, try using the charge shot as often as possible to eliminate numbers of enemies at a time.
Besides, doing upgrades will allow you to expand the range of your charge shot’s explosion.

Later on, you can unlock a special shot to be used for a limited number of times in each battle.
Just use them only when you deal with tough enemies there
Note that always upgrade the shot’s additional attributes, range that you can do by lighting up the option to the right of the original unlocked shot available on the upgrade shop in the game.


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