Complete Objective to Get Gold Cheats 1010! World iPhone

Gram Games has contributed a nice puzzle game which is called as 1010! World
This game can be said as a free-matching Tetris-like game that you can play on ios and android devices

1010! world walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be tasked to place into a grid, clear out full rows and columns for collecting high points and stars as your achievements

Along the game, you will go on your own adventure by solving puzzle and complete levels to progress through the magical world of Cubeland.

Here, you will be served with block choices in groups of three
Then, you will get three options to work with at the start of every single level.

At this point, you must carefully place them whereby every segment will affect where you can place the remaining two.

When doing so, you must not haphazardly lay a diagonal segment in an area where you can easily stash the two small vertical segments that you have remaining.

Focus on opening up space by completing rows and columns whereby this will clear them out that will provide you points
In the mean time, you can also complete objectives, but it will still clear out additional space to place other segments easily.

You will go for the challenging level as you will start off with gaps in the bottom corners.
At this phase, you must do your best to fill and clear the gaps and corners.

By filling in corners, you can also fill an empty slot.
In line with this, filling in all the extra room will be great for your achievements
For such reasons, you will then need a full row or column to clear out the line of blocks
To do so, you must get all the corners of the grid filled in
Also, you will have multiple rows filled up and ready to harvest for some bountiful point collecting.

On the other side, do not leave an empty slot.
Always use single-block segments, then you can treasure them each and every time they pop up.
Using the single-block segments will get you out of a bind
However, you should never rely on them since they will be the rarest segments to pop up.

According to this line, all you will do is to fill in the corners, and focus on each block placement to make sure that you are not trapping with multiple empty holes on the grid.

Meanwhile, this game also features with gold as the premium currency
In accordance with this, you must complete the objective in each level.
To make it happen, you apply all has been said above to complete each level successfully
Every time, you can accomplish a level, you will be granted with stars or even gold as reward

Whether the objective is point-based or clearing out particular blocks, as soon as it is complete, the level is over and players can progress onto the next one.

Thus, just do whatever is needed to quickly complete the objective that will come to more stars and gold.
Since you have X-amount of segments to place, do no take any longer to make actions in each level


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