Complete Missions to Have Gems Gold in Catacomb Hero iPhone

Catacomb Hero developed by RAZAR s.r.o. is a unique action RPG combined with a base management game that is for the ios and android platforms

catacomb hero walkthrough ios android

In the beginning of the game, you must learn the basic info of your hero
Here, the green bar below your HP bar refers to your stamina gauge.

Every time, you do an actions such as swinging your weapon, blocking attacks, rolling, and using your ability, you will need stamina

When dealing with enemies in each stage, you must defend your self by utilizing your dodge roll
If you get stuck on the sticky situations, enter defensive stance by tapping the green button in which it will really help you out
Doing so will allow you to hold your shield up and you will reduce damage from enemies

Always think about to protect your gold chest, since enemies will take a bunch of your coins
To protect it, make sure to place traps around that spot

At this point, you can place traps such as bombs, mantraps, and crossbows.
Put the mantraps next to your crossbows so that it can get free shots on the incoming enemies.
Also, consider to narrow corridors which can really work
At the same time, try to throw in some monsters nearby to pester them.

Besides, you can also plan out your placement
Note that upgrade monsters and traps to make them even more useful.
Always place a monster alongside a new trap or an upgraded old trap.

In related to the abilities, you will firstly be able to use your ability and strong attack called a frost nova around your character.

Such ability can greatly slow down nearby enemies
Next to your regular attack button is a red button with an axe which can be your strong attack.
Using this button will use less stamina than your regular attack
Later on, you can use it more often to beat all enemies quickly

In addition, every time, you can complete each stage successfully, you will be rewarded with a bunch of gold and gems, the premium currency of this game
With such currencies, you are able to upgrade your hero and weapons which will be more powerful than before


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