Complete Missions to Get More Gold Cash in Kill Shot Bravo iPhone

Hothead Games has just launched Kill Shot Bravo as the premiere first person shooter game to mobile platforms, the ios and android.

kill shot bravo walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will control of an elite soldier and infiltrate the enemy`s base with his rifle.
There, you will have to search and find the target silently and take them all out one by one
Besides, you can also use many weapons such as shotguns, machine guns, and the latest military gear to complete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory

As being a Special Forces soldier, you will be assigned to accomplish secret missions across the globe, where you will target hostile forces standing in the way of a peaceful world.

When being in your mission, be sure to firstly scan the area and note their locations before shooting any enemy there
Each time you come into the zone, the enemies are not alerted to your existence so that you can scout out the area first.

Then, if you make a shot to any enemy there, every enemy in the area will be alerted and they will go to your position.

Always remember to tag your enemies by holding your crosshair over an enemy for a while
In line with this, tagged enemies will have a very obvious red diamond floating over their heads, so that it will make them extremely easy to spot in the scenery.
So, be sure to do this for all enemies before shooting them

As usual, this game will feature gold and cash as the main currencies
In order to make a bunch of cash, you can then try to go for the head shot

Shooting enemies in their body shots will not provide any kind of bonus
In accordance with this, you must try to aim their head as they will start to equip body armor, which means body shots will be less effective.

Once having through some missions, be sure to upgrade your guns including sniper rifle as the top priority

Later on, you will unlock Black Ops Missions which you must complete to unlock the next region to tackle
Thus, having better guns will be a must to accomplish the mission successfully

Consider to use a silencer along with upgrading your sniper rifle
Using the silencer will make your shots quiet so that you can take a shot without alerting the whole area.

Using this silencer will be extremely useful, but they cost amount of medals.
For further, you can start saving medals to afford one of these upgrades

During in your missions especially for certain machine gun levels, you will often see yellow barrels lying around along with a bunch of enemies nearby.

You can take advantage of this situation to shoot these barrels, so that they will explode and take out any nearby enemies at once
Moreover, you will get a lot of bonus cash by shooting these barrels since you will take out enemies at a time

In addition, by taking out each enemies in the mission, you will be granted with cash
And, when you can complete every mission, you will be rewarded with cash and gold as your achievement rewards


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