Complete Missions to Get More Gems in Angry Birds Action iPhone

Rovio Entertainment has just launched Angry Birds Action! on the apple store and android markets in which this game is a brand new and extremely fun game borrowing the game mechanics from Pinball games

angry birds action walkthrough ios android

Similar to any pinball games out there, all you will do is to pull and aim to send the birds to all over the board while bouncing from wall to wall to get some eggs.
As usual, you will also be assigned to get gems and score up for three stars on all levels

When you are about to play this game, make sure to connect the game to Facebook which will allow yuo ro open up the door for all the goodies coming along with it

In this game, every bird comes along with their own specification
At this point, you must use the right bird for the right job

For such reasons, you must know their powers and advantages to play for the right mission
In the beginning of the game, you will start a level with a given bird
And, you cannot switch to another until restarting a level or the current level you are playing runs out of tries.

During the game, you will need to complete some levels where all birds need to work together.
In accordance with this, you may sacrifice the birds like Bomb to blow away the big obstacles and clear the path for the next birds coming in.
You must also be aware of some random obstacles being placed on the map

On the other side, you will need to get power ups during the gameplay
Every time, you have them, make sure to use them well
Besides, you will have a good stash of power-ups waiting to be used at the right moment.

Basically, it is highly recommended to play initial level at least a couple of times without power-ups
Then, you can bring them in to get some extra power

By doing so, you will know and learn the level well so that you will have a strategy to complete the next level
Note that do not try a power-up when the wheel draw has been against you

Furthermore, you will have to deal with bomb crates, items which can change your direction
You may be able to use them to help you complete the level
At this moment, it will be necessary to analyze the level design and decide how to use the items properly to your own advantage.
Try to memorize what each item is for whereby this is your ticket to get 3-star levels

As said earlier, you will need to get three stars in the level and collect gems to purchase valuable items for your journey
Each time, you can complete mission or a level well, you will be rewarded with gems
So, always try to completing each mission on a level to get gems for free in the game


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