Complete Missions to Get Gems in Naval Domination iPhone

Naval Domination aka Naval Age from gMobi can be said as a new base-management game for ios and android devices which will allow you to command a naval base, build your base to collect some resources and use them to build up your fleet of battleships

naval domination walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game is a free to play naval strategy game where you can collect and play with the world’s most advanced warships.

All you will do in this game is to gather resources, build warships such as battleships, submarines, cruisers and aircraft carriers, then go to explore the sea to attack enemy fleets for gems and glory

Early on the game, be sure to try completing the main tasks indicated by the letter with the yellow exclamation mark button at the top left corner of the screen

Here, tasks are like missions which will get you to fulfill specific requirements which will be the way to get a reward.

These requirements will be categorized into three categories namely missions, daily missions, and achievements.
Missions are the main story-line related tasks which must be completed to up to date your base
Daily missions will always change daily
And, achievement missions can be accomplished by completing certain achievements.

On the other side, you will often see the mystery gifts appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.
By opening these mystery gifts, you can get extra ships, resources, etc
In line with this, you can get them completely free and you can open one every five minutes

In your dock, you will have to build battleships for your army.
Also, make sure to repair your ships after going through each battle.
If you go through a long fight, your ships can be saved from complete destruction by repairing them

Meanwhile, you will also be allowed to use the wipe out command for easy farming
You can do this when you are about to attack a specific level for certain items or experience
After completing a level with three stars, you will get the wipe out command to be available.

Later on, you can complete the activation missions at the Logistics menu by tapping on the boxes icon at the top left
There, you can access a variety of options, such as the activation missions where you will have to do a certain task a number of times.

Every activation mission will give you a specific amount of activation value.
In line with this, you will be able to open a chest at 30, 50, 80, and finally 100 activation value.

You can also use the free shipping which will give you increased resource production
You can get that free shipping for free by going into the Logistics Center.
At this point, you will be able to activate free shipping once every ten minutes, which will be up to a total of five times daily.

In addition, this game will use gems as the premium currency
You can get gems for free by completing missions in each level in the game
Besides, if you want to get them for more, you can purchase them from iaps

Sometimes, the developer may supply free gems inside the promotional videos
Thus, all you will do is to watch each ad video to redeem gems for free in the game


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