Complete Missions to Get Dollars Doubloons in Minion Paradise iPhone

Electronic Arts has launched Minions Paradise into the ios and android markets
This game will get you to help Phil make up for all the drama he has made on the ships

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Here, you will also have to complete missions to make a progress through the game faster
Besides, you must also level up faster, get more Doubloons and dollars as the main currencies of this game

In other words, this game is all about rescuing minions where you will often check out the Requests Board to complete the requirements for bringing in new Minions that unlock new content, new missions and give you more xp once you have completed it successfully

On the other side, you will always try to level up by collecting XP points and bring in new minions to the island.
If you can complete it well, you can unlock a new set of missions

With xp you have collected through the missions, you can level up your character
You can level up your character fast by running the XP producing decorations such as the Pinata, Power Nap, etc since they will constantly pump in Party Points your way.

Moreover, you can get your self involved into playing the mini games as they will give you some quick Party Points to level up fast.

Also, be sure to complete any requirements on the job board to level up fast
Plus, if you can do it well, you will get a bunch of money and XP.

For such reasons, always check out the job board as often as possible
In the mean time, you can then focus on the big item orders, some that require more materials that will make will level up quickly.

In accordance with this, you must log in regularly in the game and collect the items
Be sure to have your factories produce items, collect them and use them to complete the requirements on the job board.

As said earlier, coins or Doubloons and dollars are the premium currency of this game
Every time, you have completed certain missions, you will be granted with such currencies

Sometimes, you may need to sell some items quickly from the Storage Room to get some money instantly.
Remember not to sell items that can be used for completing orders or for making advanced items needed for that orders.

When playing in the mini games, you have to try gaining the highest score there
Those mini games will differ in gameplay and requirements or rewards
Thus, the main point is to master all mini games to reach score as high as you can

Meanwhile, you will be prompted to complete friend missions and complete big requests for Stuart
At this point, you can bring in up to 4 friends from Facebook to complete mission.

So, just connect the game to Facebook to allow you bringing in at least 4 active friends.
Doing this will really help you make a progress fast

In related to the items collections, all you will do is to be active in the game
If you can be more active, you can log in to collect the items you have produced there


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