Complete Missions to Earn NinJems Coins in NinjAwesome iPhone

GameResort has launched a 2D side-scrolling platformer game called NinjAwesome on the apple store and android market

ninjawesome walkthrough ios android

Here, you will guide a ninja to run, jump, and slide your way through some traps and enemies.
To beat the enemies, you can throw shurikens, then find treasure chests to get some new shurikens and get ninjems, the premium currency of this game.

Along the way, you will see that lanterns floating around which will drop five coins when they are broken by your sword.
Because of this, just destroy them to get more coins the power ups as well, which will help you complete every mission in the game

When dealing with enemies, you must beat the grey statues by sliding your sword into them.
Sometimes, some objectives and lanterns will hide behind the statues, whereby you should run while attempting to break them for more coins.

Moreover, every time, you can beat enemy, you will get five coins as reward
In the mean time, always look at your shuriken meter when you are about to throw them at enemies

To get more coins, you must complete all missions available on this game
Besides, you can try playing in endless mode which will give coins by completing mission there

On the other side, after completing a level, you will have an option to open a chest by tapping it and waiting the allotted time.
At this point, your character will be allowed to carry four chests at a time

In line with this, you must always open a chest at all times, which will provide you a random amount of coins in them
Inside chest, you will find new additional shuriken skins as well
These skins will only add the appearance which will give a different look when you are throwing them at enemies in the game

Later on, you will have to upgrade your character to help you complete other stages
To upgrade your ninja, you can try to improve the two power ups, in which it will increase your abilities
Doing so will increase the amount of time you can slide, the amount of shurikens you can throw, or how many hits your ninja can take when dealing with enemies.
When upgrading your ninja, the first thing to do is to upgrade health as the top priority.

In addition, ninjems can be said a the premium currency of this game
To get such currency, you can generally get them through mission you have accomplished in the game
Or, you can purchase them through iaps so that you can get some valuable items equipped to your ninja
With such powerful items, your ninja will be so much strong to deal with any foe standing in the path
Thus, it will be better to complete missions to get ninjems as this is the free way to get more of them


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