Complete Missions to Earn Droit Gems in Dungeon Rush iPhone

Dungeon Rush from droidhang refers to Idle MMORPG combined with a card game that you can test and play both on the ios and android devices.

dungeon rush walkthrough ios android

Here, you will control a band of heroes, and let the game play as it based on the game mode
Then, you are assigned to manage your heroes’ upgrades and equipment to power them up
Besides, you must also train them to be the most strongest ones

In this game, you will have to go through stronghold in which one stronghold features five levels
If you can accomplish a stronghold, you can auto-farm it where by you must send heroes into it
During there, you can do it automatically to farm gold and loot in that levels.
Note that, it will highly be recommended not to spend your time there

On the other side, you will get to complete new campaigns which will guide you to unlock the new game modes
Unlocking these game modes will be based on gaining more player levels
Or, you can pass certain strongholds and levels in the campaign areas in order to unlock them.

Later on, you should level up your heroes by training them
For the first time, you can start with the rarest one
In line with this, just go to the hero training area then keep training your heroes there until reaching specific level

As idle mmorpg, you can do this in auto mode
It means that, you can leave the hero there for as long as you want
Then, you can come back to collect them once they have got more experience points or a very high level with full of power.

Similar to mmorpg out there, you will also have to collect the premium currency in form of gems
At this point, droit aka the blue gemstones are the premium currency of the game.

In the way of getting such currency, just go to the feats menu and the quests menu to see what mission to be accomplished for earning them.

At that mission, you will get a chance to get enough Droit or the blue gemstones with the free methods
Moreover,you will also have a chance to get a rare hero or some other premium bonuses

Meanwhile, try to tap the sacrifice area where you can upgrade your heroes’ experience levels
In accordance with this, you can devour heroes of the same element as your base hero for an experience multiplier

Plus, make sure to devour an identical hero to upgrade your hero to the next tier in automatic
To do this, just tap the upgrade option which allows you to upgrade specific legendary heroes into champion heroes.
Remember as there will be a different formula for each champion hero after you have got one of them.


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