Complete Missions for Y-Money in Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble iPhone

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble by Level-5 Inc is a kind of a matching puzzle game which you can play both on the ios and android devices

yo kai watch wibble wobble walkthrough ios android

Here, you can join Jibanyan, Komasan, and all your favorite Yo-kai characters then tap them to connect
Early on the game, you will have to learn the basic mechanics such as letter rank which means that a Yo-Kai is worth keeping or switching out.

Besides, you must reach better stats by focusing on incorporating higher ranks.
When planning to get high rank, make sure that health and attack strength goes well.

On the other side, you should plan around Yo-Kai skills and different special abilities.
In line with this, try using the Crank-a-kai in the menu, and activate it with a Coin or Y-Money

Anyway, it will be great to get some decent Yo-Kai, such as some in pretty powerful ones with Y-Money.
You will then need to get new ones with each level with the Crank-a-kai
You can do this by playing regularly with the little goofballs.

Meanwhile, always consider to avoid having two similar-looking Yo-Kai on the team.
Here, the relevant Yo-Kai will be highlighted when you start matching

You will also need to level up your character that you can do by replaying old levels.
Later on, you will also be able to unlock new stages by leveling up your character

For further, you will need to get doubles with a duplicate Yo-Kai
Again, you can get this by completing a level
You can also get doubles if they came out of the Crank-a-kai

In accordance with this, duplicate Yo-Kai will automatically be used to strengthen the special ability of the one in your collection

As usual, this game will feature Y-Money as the premium currency of this game
If you play this game in daily basis, make sure to always check your missions once reaching the second zone

By completing some available missions, you will be granted with some extra Y-Money for free
Moreover, you will also get the occasional item or even other Yo-Kai characters to be put on your collection

When playing this game, always keep your eyes open for clusters of Wib Wobs indicated in the little Yo Kai balls on the screen.
If you see they get closer, you will easily connect a bunch of them at the same time.

When going to match yo kai, all the jiggly stuff might take a second for the Wib Wobs to settle completely.
At this point, try to start setting up a match when you see they are still bouncing around

In the mean time, you can also try to set up combos that you can do by popping three or more Wib Wobs within a few seconds of each other

In accordance with this, if you get higher combos, they can deal more damage
Plus, larger Wib Wobs can also deal more damage, whereby you must try to end combos with the larger ones.

Furthermore, you will have to match up Wib Wobs
If you see more Fever meter to fill up it decreases over time if you are not matching
However, if you see it is full you will get a brief window of time saying where enemies will not attack at that time

Therefore, you can grab this chance to match and pop to your heart’s content.
You will also get Popped Wib Wobs stacked in Fever Mode
For such reasons, try moving fast to set up some incredibly damaging attacks.

In this game, enemies will attack you after a set amount of time.
Thus, you will have to try matching and popping Wib Wobs fast to knock them out before they beat you during the moment

Sometimes, you will get to match several different sets of the same Wib Wob which allow you to get bigger one which will make you push smaller Wib Wobs out of the way.
To do this, try to create a few separate large Wib Wobs, and get them connected all together since they start to shift closer.

You can match sets in a way which will clear space for other Wib Wobs to shift closer
Doing so will also make even more match-up possibilities.
At that time, you can then use Yo-Kai special abilities to get some breathing room.
Each time you trigger an ability, it can pause the action which will allow you to watch the fancy animations.

The main point to play this game is to always think the next move you will take since it will lead you to get better result
In addition, always complete missions since this will give you more Y-Money for free


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