Complete Missions for Easy Gems in Tiny Archers iPhone

Tiny Archers is developed by 1Der Entertainment which brings a tower defense game as a genre
Here, you are a master marksman who must defend your single tower from incoming orcs trying to takeover your tower

tiny archers walkthrough ios android

During in your action, you are on top of the tower, while aiming at incoming orcs with your bow
To fend them off, accuracy and precision are really important to get every mission accomplished successfully

In order beat enemies, try to get head shots for s one hit kills, whereby body shots will still make the enemy drag themselves forward after stopping for a while
Besides, if you shoot their feet, they will also stop for quite some time, then you can deliver an easy head shot.

Every time you kill enemy, you will get a wrapped present spawn and fly up to the top of the screen.
If you tap this, you will get an advertisement to watch for a free arrow refill
Make sure you save it, and use it if running low on arrows stock

In daily basis, you will be served with the missions which will reward you with gems, the premium currency of the game.
So, never miss to complete them and check the missions list regularly once logging in the game.

On the other side, if you see the radar at the top right, you will get a notice that types of goblins are coming down the lanes.
In line with this, a green dot will warn you to fire immediately

And, green dots refer to the archer goblins, few goblin types that will fight back.
Later on, if you see them to show up on screen, they may usually shoot an arrow after a couple of steps.
At this time, your archer will be allowed to take them out with three arrows hits
For such reasons, be sure to take them out once they are coming up and walking to your tower

Except collecting diamonds or gems, you may also have to get gold which will be useful for the bow upgrades
So, always watch the present advertisements to get a refill without spending gold.
Upgrading your bow will give you better and powerful bows, which can hold more arrows
Plus, it will also give you more special slots to store your items.


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