Complete Mission to Get Rubies in Primal Legends iPhone

Kobojo has a new game related to RPG game with match three elements as the combination
This game is specially dedicated to the ios and android users

primal legends walkthrough ios android

Along with the premier launching, this game has a lot of heroes to collect and upgrade them to be the strongest ones

In this game, you will be allowed to make a party consisting of four heroes in your squad
Besides, you may have to focus on filling the meter for the best heroes in your party

Along with it, you must also complete the mission for collecting rubies, the premium currency of this game battle.

To test your skill, you can play in the single player campaign, where you need to destroy a specific target or hero
According to this, if you have two heroes of the same color, try to focus on that color

On the other side, you may need to activate your heroes once their meter is filled fully.
At that time, if the meter fills up after performing your last move, you may need to wait for a new turn to activate your hero again.

Meanwhile, you may also have to unlock more heroes from the shop with rubies that you can get in any other way.
In accordance with this, you may have to complete the missions to get them for free

Here, you can complete single player missions in the campaign, that you get a chest containing items
When you are about to unlock it, you may need to wait a shorter or longer waiting period to be over.

If you can wait longer, you will get better rewards
Thus, consider to open the chests if you only have a limited number of slots
And, you will not get stuck waiting for one to open while your slots are full.

In the way of getting more items and rubies, just get involved in the battle and win in the Arena.
There, you will compete with other human players online and if you can get victory there, you will get a chest and points
If you can win it five times you will get a great chest.

In addition, you may join teams with a Hero from each of the colors on the board
Anyway, you may go with teams of just two colors or three where it can bring the best heroes that you have in the game


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