Complete Mission to Get Gold in 1942 Pacific Front Android

Handy Games has a strategy game that is in 1942 Pacific Front where you will be enrolled to join the navy and send your soldiers to the frontline to win the battle on the sea

1942 pacific front walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to choose the right tactics and use your commando to beat the enemy`s ships standing in your way

Here, you will lead the U.S. Army on their campaign or command the Japanese forces on their mission
You will have to guide your units to take out enemy alliances with infantry, artillery, tanks, warplanes, battleships and submarines while to earn your stripes as an ingenious commander in this game

During the battle, you must fight with powerful weapons such as torpedos and bombs then take out enemy positions with tanks and infantry

In this game, stationary units and buildings are the only units visible and some units will only be revealed when you move closer to them

Each unit here will have some abilities that will help you win hard battles
Some of the units will be able to fortify on their current Location, which will provide you a defensive bonus until the unit moves on again

In order to get your units health and ammunition, you can get them from supply trucks.
Besides, transporters will also have a very wide range of movement and they can carry infantry quickly from one point to another.

The engineer here is a support unit that has a bunch of handy abilities.
When going to unknown terrain, you must always keep an engineer close to look for enemy mines

However, this engineer cannot launch an attack, but they have the Build MG nest ability, that can be their protection

Battleships and destroyers have multiple weapons aboard and they will be chosen automatically based on the type of enemy you attack
They also have the sonar ability to discover a big area around them for enemy ships and submarines near your ships

You can also use the antiaircraft guns which have a shorter range than the big cannons to deal with enemy`s ships on the sea


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