Complete Mission to Get Gems Coins in KleptoCats iPhone

Kleptocats from Apps O Rama can be said as a simple charming game for ios and android about cats
Here, you will have a mission to send various cats out to get stuff for your house.

Sometimes, when being in a mission, your cats will bring you coins or new items.
In line with this, you can send out a different cat to see if you get something new item.

Except giving you coins, you will also get some gems when completing a mission
To get gems, you can exchange coins for having gems
According to this, you can save up for a new room.

In order to get more coins, all you will do is to watch advertisements videos
Besides, you can also play the mini games to get free coins

On the other side, just go to settings and tap a button with a safe on it.
Doing so will bring up a mysterious input form.

Sometimes, you will get some clues from various room items and you may find the secret passwords there.

When dealing with Room 1 in this game, you may notice that the letter magnets on the fridge spell out Help.
In accordance with this, you are treated to a cutscene where a robot slides from around the corner in secret lab.

In Room 2 in the game, you will see an old TV spelling in wingdings as a message.
You can translate it as the password Catnapped.

Later on, you will see more of the secret lab along with additional hatches on the ceiling
Then, you will also see that the floor now open.

During in Room 3 in the game, you will get Morse Code Letter spelling out John Catterson.
And, in Room 4 in this game, it has an ID card spelling the name Carlos on it.
You will also see a back panel of the lab to open where you can see a cat to sit in a chair.

At that point, you can drag your screen to see all of the secret lab.
After seeing all of the secret lab, make sure to input the codes again so that you will see a silly cat to emote in the input box in that room.

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