Complete Mission to Get Crystals Coins in Ultima Phantasia Android

Shadow Technology has launched Ultima Phantasia, designed specially for android devices
In this game, you can create your team, send your heroes to the heroic Legion battle for victory

ultima phantasia best walkthrough ios android

This game will feature crystals and coins as the main currencies.
You can get them with a lot of different ways such as logging the game daily and as a gift from event

Each time you login the game, you can get your rewards for specific number of days you logon.
Besides, you can also get Everyday’s Gift Event by logging in continuously

In this event, you will often get a lot of rewards that you can do by doing some activities in the game
In line with this, you will simply use customer service email, wechat public id, facebook or skype
Then, your customer service representative will give you the Gift Code that you can claim it setting in the game

You can also get daily login gift in form of a fixed rewards everyday.
In related to army rank gift, you can get reward by leveling up Legion Rank to specific Level.
Doing so will increase the battle power, legion privilege and rewards

In shop lucky draw, you will be able to get 50 crystals for 1 draw
When playing in glory for arena challenge, you will get 30 challenging chances if you have reached level 23 in the game.

On the other side, corresponding reward will be available as you reach targeted ranking.
Also, you can claim ring chest for free by simply reaching Major

Later on, you must upgrade your hero for free supplies
Just claim free and rich supplies by upgrading your hero to specific level.

In addition, in order to master this game, you will need a time and you can get crystals for free in the game
For such reasons, just try to complete each given task or mission given by this game in daily basis


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