Complete Mission to Earn Extra Crystals in Maritime Kingdom iPhone

Game Insight has just presented simulation game that is bundled in Maritime Kingdom where you will be assigned to send forth your fleet, as well as building your defenses against enemies and forging a mighty empire then helping the princess in her quest to find the magical Crown Jewels and free the imprisoned king.

maritime kingdom walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be brought to experience an epic city-building adventure where you will also have to develop trade routes, build your fleet, collect precious resources, discover new lands as well as establishing diplomatic relations with other countries to grow your city.

This game will feature crystals and gold as the main currencies that you will have to collect to purchase some cool items to help you continue to further stages

Gems here are intended for sale at other ports.
When you find one of them need gems, you can sell them so that you will get gold in exchange.

You can also hire special skilled workers that will help you complete a certain job when you lack regular workers.

Later on, you can also summon them right through the information window that you notice when you go to
launch a deal
But, it seems there are no enough free hands in your kingdom.

On the other side, the guest workers will disappear as soon as they complete the job they are hired for
And, if you hire them to clean trees, grass and other obstacles in your island, they will not leave until they clean everything you instruct.

Besides gems and gold, you can also get snowballs by completing deals and going to expeditions.
The items here are quests ones and show up with a certain chance.
In line with this, in order to collect them, just keep playing, as well as completing the necessary activities along the way
For such reasons, you will also earn more rewards
Also, you can use crystals to purchase resources that you lack in your city.

On the other side, if you see the indicator next to your in-game level, it shows your Prosperity level that will be needed to construct certain buildings.

Here, you can also get the points and increase the level by placing decorations objects on your map.
If you want to find them, just press the button with a hammer indicated in the left lower corner of
the game window then select the Decorations tab in the list at the left side of the appearing Store window.

Generally, you will see that the prosperity requirements rise when you want to construct a new building. This will indicate that you will get new settlers in which the level of your prosperity is based on their number.

In accordance with this, the level of prosperity will show you how well your settlers live.
If the level of prosperity is not high enough, you can not construct new buildings.
And, if you have high level, you can construct and upgrade buildings.

At this phase, the number of settlers cannot be greater than their level of happiness.
And this level of happiness level will be needed to construct a new building
On the other words, the level of happiness will be equal to the number of settlers including those who will pop up in your place with the new building.

As stated before, this game will prompt you to get gems and gold that you will need to purchase some items in this game
Always be sure that you have to try completing each mission in order to get crystals taht you will really need to upgrade your buildings to even better ones


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