Complete Mission For More Dilithium Coins in Star Trek Wrath of Gems iPhone

Genera Mobile has launched Star Trek Wrath of Gems on the apple store where this game offers a matching 3 RPG puzzle quest game

star trek wrath of gems walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be brought to get on board with your favorite Federation crew members and go to explore the United Federation of Planets in this classic puzzle adventure game

This game also features Star Trek characters, spaceships and races from TOS and TNG where you will be brought to go through different storylines, experience varied game modes, and more events to take part for great prizes

Early on the game, you can try playing this game in the Versus mode where you will unlock your third hero such as Deana to face 2-crew teams in the matches
In this match, you will be able to get the great rewards, including card packs and all the other good merchandise.

When playing this game, be sure to always check out the health meter of all your heroes.
In line with this, you can try to match the blue gems to increase your hero`s health bar to the max health levels

Once doing so, you can move on to the next stage to battle with enemies for gold and dilithium, the main currencies of this game

When it is about to go for the starship battle, be sure to match based on your skills and go for the offensive indicated by the color of the attacking character or the red and green ones in the Starship’s case
If you have higher level characters, you can make the offensive moves for more tiles.

Always consider the special skills of your heroes.
Data has the blue tiles
Worf has the Red ones and so on.
Those skills will increase if you upgrade them and unlock better special abilities.

When battling with enemies, try to target the lowest health characters first, since they usually have more than one special skill unlocked.

Later on, it will be better to search for a 4-piece match or more since your foes will not be able to use the special stones

But, if you go for a 5-piece match, you can use the resulting tile with the one that you really need to heal, or fill up your meters for your characters.

For further, be sure to level up and upgrade your heroes and starship whereby you will get a chance to win single player missions

In accordance with this, by replaying the older stages, you can pile up on the resources that will be useful to upgrade your heroes

When playing in stages, you can firstly start with a character mission, then continue with a starship mission
Afterwards, you can move on to a puzzle or versus mission which will assigned you to gather up only a specific type of pieces.
Just be sure to complete the final mission, and always consider to heal your characters to continue to later missions

In addition, by completing all given missions in this game, you will get a big chance to collect gold and dilithium which are the main currencies of this game
With enough gold coins and dilithium you have got from missions completion, you will be able to purchase anything you want for your heroes


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