Complete Mission for Gold Coins in Action of Mayday SWAT Team Android

Toccata Technologies has presented Action of Mayday SWAT Team as an action of first person shooter or FPS game that you can mainly play on the android devices mainly.

aom swat team walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a unique next-generation FPS game, where you will be recruited to take a role as James, a special SWAT Team cop with some incredible shooting and martial arts skills.

You will then guide your squad mates from SWAT Team HQ to investigate multiple terrorist attack activities in the game.

Here, you will also be equipped with over 30 famous handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and rockets, including the Desert Eagle, AK-47, M16, Gatlin, Frostwolf, RPD, and our-own invented Sci-Fi guns

Be sure to upgrade your weapons to increase your damage output leading to more kills and complete missions fast for coins.

In this game, you will also have limited energy to perform your action in the game
To save up energy in early level, you can play in easy mission first

In order to complete tough mission, you can use the props that will be handy to reduce its difficulty, so that you can accomplish the mission at easy for gold coins

Later on, you will be tasked to gather up some extra free coins in the endless mode
Anyway, playing in this mode will still be useful if you do not have energy left for story mode.

When getting involved in the gun battle with enemies, be sure to shoot at the incoming grenade to avoid a hit since the grenade will deal very high damage compared to enemies shooting at you.

On the other side, each time you log in and play the game, you will get daily reward that you can claim to be your collection
According to this, if you become a VIP player, you will be able to get the daily rewards twice a day.
If you want to get free gifts, just login 7 days regularly

You can also get more rewards by purchasing the Pack with 70% off that will provide you the halo sales pack with more rewards.

Anyway, this game will also give you a flexibility to get more rewards by by watching promotional ads in the game.
Each time, you have watched the ads, you will be granted with nice reward in form of few coins

In addition, in the way of getting a bunch of coins for free, all you will do is to complete each given tasks in the game


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