Complete Mission for Diamonds Tiers Card in Dragon Ball Heroes iPhone

Dragon Ball Heroes is the combination of an action, RPG, and strategy gameplay which you can experience on mobile devices, ios and android mainly.

dragon ball heroes walkthrough ios android

Here, you will guide your heroes to rescue the world with your unique skill
Alongside, you can build your own team of fighters, gather up food, gems and other resources
Once anything is ready, you will then go to the battle where you can unleash ultra-powerful attacks on your enemies.

Early on the game, you can start off easy battle then you can back for it to level up your heroes and earn experience points for them

In this game, you will be allowed to manage your team consisting of 9 heroes at the highest unlock level
Besides, you can add them more in the formation area to your party as your cheer squad.
In line with this, your cheer will boost the stats of all of the active heroes.

Along the game, you will also be able to collect some good cards where you can use the Upgrade Skill area to get rid of some of the unused cards
At this point, some cards in the same color will give more skill exp.

You will then go to advance a partner, where you can sacrifice an identical partner, and find identical partners by collecting their fragments from certain levels.
All you will do in this point is to hunt around while gathering up all of your rewards

On the other side, you must also take a look around for special events that will come to extra prizes.
According to this, Resource Wars will the first one that you can find
Then, you will be able to unlock them more by leveling up your heroes through the battles.
So, just take part in an event to get participation rewards that may come to cards and diamonds, the premium currency of this game

As said earlier, the diamonds is the premium currency of this game that you can find and collect in any other ways

In order to get Diamonds for free, you can complete missions and win rewards in PvP online.
Plus, you can go into VIP mode to get such VIP rewards in form of diamonds
Later on, you can take your diamonds into the VIP area to be used on one tier at a time.

In accordance with this, every tier will require few diamonds
And, it is ranging from the super cheap tier 1 to the higher, that will be very expensive tiers.

For further, in the way of getting through all of this, you must try to complete all mission for having more diamonds that you can use for having more tiers
In addition, you can replay the older stages to farm more diamonds for free


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