Complete Milestones to Get Gems in Trivial Pursuit & Friends iPhone

Gameloft has presented Trivial Pursuit & Friends game to mobile platforms, ios and android
This game seems to be the king of all trivia games coming with an updated look and new ways to compete with your friends online

trivial pursuit and friends walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be brought to enter the world of famous quiz game which you can enjoy it on the go

Here, you can also discover modern and social gameplay where you will be able to compete with your friends

Early on the game, you will be brought to play in duel mode where you can challenge a single friend or random player in the same level as yours
In this mode, you and your opponent have to answer 6 rounds of 3 questions each.

You will have a maximum of 2 days to complete your turn before automatically surrendering.
In this game, you will be the winner if you win the most rounds in the challenge.
When competing with your friends, you will deal with the last two rounds which will be worth more points

Then, you can play in duel surrender
In this mode, if you surrender a Duel automatically, your rival will get the victory
And, if your rival surrenders, you will then get your victory and points
In line with this, the duel is removed from your list of matches in progress.

If you want to play this game in party with your friends, you can taste blitz mode, where you can challenge up to 3 friends or random players in the same level as yours
At this mode, you will deal with in a real-time round of 7 questions.

On the other side, you will get to know that there are 5 tiers in ranked blitz mode
Herein, all tiers except the wood tier will really need a ticket to play.
And, you will get a ticket by winning in each mode that you have mastered before

Meanwhile, topics are periodic challenges which you have to conquer to get exclusive items and titles.
In these challenges, you will have to answer some questions correctly to gain a high score and rank put in the leaderboard.

If you can complete certain missions, you will get rewards for your position on the leaderboard
You can unlock milestones when reaching a certain number of total correct answers in a single topic.

In addition, gems or diamonds is the premium currency of this game
As said earlier, by completing milestones, you will get some cool rewards which are sometimes in form of gems
With enough gems you collected from the game, you can use them to purchase some advantages items to help you answer questions in the game
You can also get refill and magnificent intelligus bundle in the game


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