Complete Levels to Reach The Best High Score in Bird Climb iPhone

BoomBit has launched its new debut on the apple store along with Bird Climb as the recent game
Seemingly, this game is like Flappy Bird where you will be tested with your reflex to tap the bird passing through each obstacle and reach the floors as much as possible

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This game will get you hooked in where you will always be curious to improve your high score as much as possible and to survive from incoming obstacles in each floor

At first, when playing this game for the first time, make sure to learn how to tap
Tapping fast will make your bird gain momentum and climb faster
And, tapping at a slower pace will basically make your bird stay at the same height or gain momentum just a bit.

So, you must learn the tapping technique and use them accordingly to the area you want to reach.
Remember not to take a risk and always go for the safest area only

On the other side, you will often see gems when trying to get through each floor
But, you do not have to gather up all gems in order to keep on going to the next floor.

Note that, do not spend your gems to revive your bird if you are being in less than 10 level in this game
In line with this, you can simply hold onto your gems and only start spending them after you get your first game over above stage 15 or more.

And, no matter when you first lose, it will always cost 10 Gems for the first revive
Then, it will be 20 for the second and double each time you want to use a new continue.
Therefore, if you really want to get the highest score, you can try to start with at least 70 gems in your bank and go for the best.

Once playing this game for few hours, take your time and do not go rush to move on fast.
Occasionally, you will move from one wall to the other, as well as waiting for the perfect landing in order to go into higher floors.

Here, you will also pay attention to the obstacles where you have to time your jump while avoiding those obstacles so that you will go up to the new floors

In addition, always practice, as you will be better at the game
And, if you keep your playing sessions too lengthy, you will eventually tire that will make your concentration so blurry

For such reasons, it will highly recommended to take breaks for few minutes then go back to the game with fresh mind and see that you will get better and better scores that you have got form previous play.


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