Complete Levels to Get More Coins in Bubble Genius iPhone

Bubble Genius from Outplay Entertainment can be said as a new bubble shooting game that you can play both on the iOS and Android phones

bubble genius walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to pop bubbles to rescue or capture various creatures
In each level, you will get five lives, and every time you lose a level, or quit a level in the middle of the match, you will lose a life.

Every life will need 20 minutes to regenerate.
But, you can speed up the process by doing time lapse trick on your phone
In line with this, just set the time on your phone by 20 minutes for every life to regenerate.
Thus, if you want to regenerate all lives, you can try to set the time more than an hour
Afterward, you can then go back to the game with full lives.
Once doing this trick, you must set the time and date back to normal
Alternatively, you can connect the game to Facebook and ask your friends for sending lives to you.

Similar to any bubble shooting games out there, you will have to make big combos in this game as well
In line with this, just try to knock off bubbles with other bubbles hanging from them
If you can do so, you can make those bubbles drop with the same combo.
For further, you can try to get through each level with few moves only

As usual, gold coin is the premium currency of this game
In order to get more gold coins, you have to complete the level successfully

On the other side, you can simply log onto Facebook to get free gold
In the mean time, you will also have to complete various in-game achievements, and certain level milestones.

With a bunch of gold coins you collected from the game, you can use the gold to get power-ups and lives.
With these power ups, you can complete the level with the next one or two normal shots.
Thus, it will make you another gold coins by completing the level in such way


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