Complete Levels to Get Coins Candy Lollipop in Spooky Realm Android

App Interactive Studio has launched Spooky Realm on the android market where you will help Little Ray rescue his grandma from Boogeyman’s dungeon.

spooky realm walkthrough ios android

Here, you will explore the most eerily haunted places from one level to another
In the mean time, you will also unlock the spooky worlds owned by the dark kingdom fight against the ghosts such as creepy crawlers, bats, pumpkin heads there

Later on, you will also go to the bone-chilling crystal mine, where the only ray of light is from bright snow like crystals and lakes of molten lava

In order to beat enemies such as the pumpkin heads, skullies, spiders, mini zombies, bats, freaky jokers and clowns, you will have to equip yourself with exciting armor

Meanwhile, you can also get some candies and coins that you can use to get new weapons for your hero
With your magical toyguns such as sniper and shotguns, you can beat the enemies which are equipped with their lethal claws, floating stone, spells, saws, judo chops and poisonous bullets.

Besides, you have to fight the spooky army along with a boss in every level.
When dealing with the jokers, he will deliver their potty paper attacks and the giant pumpkin heads has a wicked punch in this action game.

Each time, you can beat the enemy, you will gain experience point and gold coins on winning the battle and moving to the next level.

As said earlier, coins is the premium currency of this game that you can get in the mission
Plus, you must also get the other currency called candy lollipop that you can use to get powerful weapons such as Recon Blaster which is the most expensive in the shop

Do not purchase other weapons Bad Boy 1000 since it needs more coins
To get Recon Blaster, all you will do is finish some few levels while not spending any coins for upgrade or purchasing other weapons.

Once getting the Recon Blaster, use your coins to upgrade it or you can use the coins to get Mega Shotgun Xtreme Upgrades.

If you want to get Mega Shotgun Xtreme, you will need spend 250 Candy Lollipop since it is the most powerful weapons in the game

To play this game, you will simply move in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion in which moving in such direction will avoid being trap and getting hit by enemies at the back since you will see all of your enemies face to face.
Also, try to move in circles to avoid edges and obstacles.

When shooting enemies, if you touch or swipe the fire button, it will fire automatically.
At this point, be sure to save your ammo for the enemies bosses.
If you run out of ammo, search and get ammo powerups to refill the ammo.


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