Complete Level to Unlock Hidden Treasure in Laser Quest Android

Candy Mobile has come with its newest game, Laser Quest in which this game is about a world of stylish beauty and addictive puzzles.

laser quest walkthrough ios android

Also, this game will challenge your brain to solve some puzzle then you will have a journey filled with tons of high quality levels and constant wonder.

Along the game, you will help Nio, a cute octopus, to maneuver around the deadly lasers and cut through the mysterious mazes to discover the secret treasures.

You will guide him through each level in a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics.
Later on, you will work your way through those increasing challenging levels and you should employ the power of the pickups to get the answers in the quests

Before playing this game from one level to the next, it will highly recommended to learn some items related to this game

Mirror here can reflect the laser in which laser destroys boom and laser launcher
Meanwhile, you can also try to use spanners to twist mirror, or a laser launcher.

In order to destroy everything, you can use hammer in that everything nearby can be destroyed after explosion.

You can then use torch to light the boom and grass and you can also rescue freezed Nio and dry wet Nio
Afterward, water Nio and go through the laser once.
Also, you are able to water the grass and put on the boom.

In this game, grown grass can hold the laser and fire on grass can spread nearby.
Nio will be able to get freezed on ice in that you will also have to find many golds in weeds, as well as traps in each level.


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