Complete Level to Get Gems in Kubo A Samurai Quest iPhone

Fifth Journey Limited has a new game which is named as Kubo: A Samurai Quest that you can play both on the ios and android devices

kubo a samurai quest walkthrough ios android

This game brings a match-3 puzzle quest as a genre.
Along the game, you will guide Kubo to go through his quest to be the ultimate shamisen wielding samurai

In the beginning of the game, you will get origami creatures which are weak to capitalize on super attacks.

It is caused by super attacks need some magic charms to be matched, in which you can match regular attack charms to deliver some damage toward enemies.

Besides, you will then match enough magic charms, so that your origami creature may be able to take much damage whereby super attacks will be more viable after your origami creatures have powered up for having more health.

When matching charms, be sure to do with them near the bottom
So, if your board is lacking in potential charm matches, try bringing a bunch of new charms by making matches near the bottom of the board, since the area can create the most space for new charms to drop in.

Anyway, if you setup a big reaction near the bottom, you will get lots of space for new charms which you will need to complete the next chapter
According to this, you must match special charms every other two moves or so to get the score requirements to beat the levels

When trying to get Chapter 2 accomplished successfully, make sure to finish the level’s objective
Here, it will be recommended to make as many special charms as possible to make big combos.

If you go for storytelling levels, just match charms, which can cause the timer to stop, so that you have time to match the correct charms and create a big combo

Next, you will continue to accomplish combat levels, the most lopsided levels where you must have some powerful origami creatures
To make them powerful, you can evolve them with the same origami creatures that you can get from an origami box in the game

In addition, gems can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other way
Generally, every time you can complete the levels successfully, you will be rewarded with gems or any items valuable to your character
So, since you can get free gems by that method, always consider to have some powerful origami creatures in your collection
With some much powerful origami creatures, you will get a big chance to complete the level well


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