Complete Level to Get Gems for Rare Characters in Trivia Saga iPhone

Ateam has just launched their unique new RPG called Trivia Saga that has been available on the iOS and Android markets

trivia saga walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to beat enemies that you can do by answering semi-random trivia questions given by the game.

Here, you will be allowed to choose the enemy, the category of question, and the element of your attack, in which you will also have to use a combination of good strategy and knowledge to complete quest in the game

When trying to answer each tough trivia question, you might minimize the game and go to your browser to google the question.
At that time, the battle will pause for a while as you minimize it

On the other side, you can also use both types of summons as much as possible.
When having 50 gems, you can then do the gem summon, which provide you 3 to 5 star character.
Having the friend summon will typically give you one or two star characters
And, you may also find a three star character with the friend summon.

Once getting new characters, you will have to power them up with the enhance option.
In the process, you can select one character, a rare one, then pick up to ten characters, the common cards consisting of one and two star cards and you can use them as sacrifices.

At this point, you will lose the sacrifices but your character will get plenty of experience to level up.

Later on, you may be assigned to advance your cards whereby you will have to get a character up to max level.
After getting such character, you can advance them with a specific subset of items to be the powerful one.

To do this, just go to the advance screen for a character
If you do not have all of the necessary items, you can tap on the item in short as it will show you where to get that item.

Meanwhile, you will learn three different elements of attacks such water, fire and leaf in this game
Water is strong against fire, fire is strong against leaf and leaf is strong against water

If you can master them, you can target whatever enemy you want to aim your attack at
Besides, you can also select an elemental attack of the right spot on the elements hierarchy.

For further, in order to get these elements mastered well, you have to remember the hierarchy
Doing so will easily give you a ton of damage delivered to an enemy in the game.

In addition, this game will also feature gems as the premium currency that will really be useful to get more powerful characters

Generally, you will be rewarded with few gems once you can complete the level and beat your enemy there
Alternatively, you can purchase gems from iaps at specific price

You can also watch the ad video served by the developer if such feature is added in the game
By doing so, you will also be granted with gems for free


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