Complete Level for Coins in Pac Man Pop Bubble Shooter Match 3 iPhone

Bandai Namco has just launched Pac-Man Pop as a new bubble shooting game on the ios and android stores
This game will get you to to pop bubbles and pass through level form one to another for rewards inform of coins, the premium currency of this game

pac man pop walkthrough ios android

During in your action, you will also have to beat the ghosts and rescue your pets, while getting as far as you can to get fruit.

Similar to matching three games, you will also have to try making combos
Just do this method when popping a high up combination, so that all attached bubbles will fall off and count toward your points.

If you can do so well, you can beat the stage in as few moves as possible
You will get more points if you have more moves that you have left over at the end of a level

Then, you will deal with the rotating levels, where you must defeat the ghosts inside of each of the bubble wheels.

In order to achieve that goal, you must shoot a bubble to hit a ghost, in which you must figure out the direction of rotation and clear out space to fit one bubble through.
Afterward, you can shoot the bubble through
And, when hitting the ghost, all of the attached bubbles will fall off which will make the ghost go from the screen

This game will also rely on lives that you can get them more by asking free lives from your friends
By logging into Facebook you and your friends can send lives back and forth to each other.

As said earlier, coins can be said as the premium currency of the game that you can get for free by completing every level with a bunch of combos.
You can save the coins for useful boosts that you can activate when dealing with tough level only


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