Complete Goal for Gold in Wizard of Oz Magic Match iPhone

Zynga has recently brought the match-3 puzzle game to the ios and android users
Seemingly, this game is adapted from the film and novel, where you can also run into a cast of familiar characters.

the wizard of oz magic match walkthrough ios android

In the beginning of the game, you will be introduced with Glinda where she will take you to follow the basic mechanics of the game

When she is around during in a level, you will get magic stars on the board.
In line with this, you must match them to increase the magic meter at the top right corner of the screen

If the magic meter has been filed up, she will give you a couple of additional moves
At this point, she will spread her magic across the board, which will turn random items into super pieces

On the other side, if you can match four items in a square, you can make a magic butterfly of that color.
When it is matched, you will see that a butterfly will land on a super item on the board.
You can also use that butterfly when you want to activate a super item.

When you need to break all of the ice blocks on the levels, you can activate a blocked off super item with a butterfly which can turn the tides

Later on, you must learn those super items one by one
You can have magic beams by matching four items in a row. When matched, these items will immediately match the row or column its in, depending on how it was formed.
Magic butterflies, as mentioned above, are created when matching

Also, matching four items in a square shapes will create magic butterflies which you can activate to nearby super items on the board to destroy objective-related objects.

Then, you can have magic bubbles item by matching five items in a L or T shape.
If it is activated, it will help you match all surrounding items

And, if you can match five items in a row, you will be able to create Glinda’s Crystal Ball which you can match with any other item to match every single item of that same type on the board at a time

Next, if you can match six items in a super T shape, you can create the ultimate lollipop which can repaint all regular items being swapped with it
In related to those super items, you can combine them with each other to make some powerful effects.

During the game, you will be assigned to complete every single objective which will earn you gold, the premium currency of this game
Thus, if you want to get free gold coins in this game, make sure to try completing each given objective with all super items you have got


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