Complete Donuts Drift to Get Credits Points in Torque Burnout iPhone

Torque Burnout can be said as a driving game for ios and android devices combining the best parts of every racing game where you will merely grip the wheel to perform your driving action skills such as completing donuts and drifts for collecting more credits.

torque burnout wallkthrough apple watch android

Along the game, your main goal is to do tricks, build up your reputation, and get more credits to get new sets of tires, used to perform your actions again

In line with this, combining some basic tricks will earn you points
At this point, you can start with a burnout, then let go of the brake while accelerating to a good speed.

In the mean time, just do a drift or a slide during your action
And, before you hit the wall, slam on the brake or the handbrake and stop short of the wall.
If you can do that tricks well, you will be able to earn big points.

Destroying your tires will reward you more points.
When they are destroyed, the rears will run on rim only
For such reasons, you will get some points and continue the run at that point.

When performing your action, you will not be able to get enough speed for 180 or 360 degree spins
However, you are able to do donuts and burnouts on the rim.
Later on, you will be able to do an endless trick to destroy your tires first so that you will get some points high.

Credits in this game is a kind of the premium currency that you can get for free
In order to get some credits and points, all you will do is to do some tricks as much as you can

Once getting credits, you can use them to purchase new tires especially for street tires of the top performers
Besides, you can also get free retreads when you destroy your tires
Thus, you should not spend any credits to keep playing for later levels.

Be sure to always upgrade the engine that has a performance modifier
If you have better engine, you will enable your car to go faster and destroy your tires even faster
Thus, with better engine, you will do more speed to do a trick, that will give you a bunch of points
Plus, you will also get a chance of getting a gold medal.

Anyway, if you want to get more credits fast, you can get them in the iap store
And, if you want to get them for free, you will merely watch advertisement videos that you can find when accessing the iap store

Once getting there, you will be served with many promotional videos to watch
So, just watch the videos until they run out.
When they run out, just check them within 5-10 minutes ahead to find more videos to pop up again.
For further, just keep doing that action to get more credits for free in the game



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