Complete Daily Quests for Gold Captain Booster in Ark of War iPhone

Seven Pirates has a new space-themed MMO strategy game called as Ark of War dedicated to the ios and android users.

ark of war walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will merely run a space colony, battle with others to expand your colony and to collect resource tiles for more food, parts, electricity, gas or cash.

To do all your action, you may consider to join an alliance in order to get back up and to speed p your base along the way.
In the mean times, just do the hint upgrades, so that they can help you complete the ones that you cannot finish freely and automatically.

If you can join an active alliance with when your VIP level is higher, you will be able to speed up for free.
Moreover, you can also help your alliance speed up your research and troop training.

When working on together with your alliance, make sure to donate them to get a lot of advantages
In line with this, you can upgrade food production, since your troops always use food
If you donate more, it will cost more to do the next donation on that one trait
For such reasons, you can try to switch back and forth between traits to upgrade.

In the beginning of the game, you may have to select a commander through the commander’s icon
Afterward, you must increase their leadership level with all the magazines you have got.
If you can upgrade their leadership level into higher ones, you will have more troops to be brought into the battle on the air

Sometimes, you will get equipment during the gameplay
If you can have that equipment, give it to your commander
Note that, before doing so, you may need a forge ship first.
After having such a forge ship, you can activate it to combine pieces of equipment which will change it into better equipment.

On the other side, this game will includes some resources to be collected for free
Along the game, you will be able to collect some resource boxes, and quest prizes.

When those resources are available to be collected, it is highly recommended in order not to get them unless you really need them
It is caused by, those resources are uncollected, the others player steal them
If you collect them, they will be free in the game that the other players can access them

Meanwhile, you will also have to complete the daily quests and the daily exploration.
Completing the daily exploration will grant you free resources with time
And, if you can complete the daily quests, you will get more resources in form of experience points and gold, the premium currency of this game

As said in the previous statement, you will get gold as a reward by completing the daily quests
Later on, if you need more gold, always get your self involved in the quests completion as this will also grant you resources


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