Complete Contracts to Get Gold Cash in Ghostbusters Slime City iPhone

Activision Publishing has finally launched Ghostbusters Slime City on the ios and android markets
This game brings a fast-paced cover shooter genre, where you will play as a new Ghostbusters recruit.

ghostbusters slime city walkthrough ios android

Besides, it is also a part city management, card collecting, and shooter genre into one mix.
Along the game, you and your team will run your some city facilities to get some cash which will be needed to get new cards and packs
With such cards packs, you can beat the ghosts in much easier

In the beginning of the levels, you may see ghost Slimer to hang out around the hot dog stand there daily
To deal with this, just go to the hot dog stand and feed that ghost with more dogs to earn more cash
Sometimes, you may get some gold, the premium currency of the game by doing so
So always check in daily to get the Slimer bonus

Besides, you can also make money from your R&D Facility.
Here, keep your Liberty Bank upgraded well which will be handy to hold all of your money.
You can also get some rewards containing good cards within couple of hours

Once reaching Floor 8 in the game, you may find and open a reward box which is about fifteen boxes containing more cards, experience, and pack parts.

If you have enough cash, make sure to upgrade your Proton Packs, where you may use cash to get the amount of pack parts in which each one has its own unique parts
It means that the proton pack parts will not unlock additional upgrades for the Electron Pack.
To get get pack parts, you merely open card packs or play in the appropriate level.

When dealing with the ghosts in the game, make sure to load up your weapons with ammo
In line with this, you must reload them manually!

So, just tap the green button at the bottom left corner to use one hand to shoot the ghosts
Meanwhile, you can use your other hand to reload fast
Do this when the ghostbuster is moving between areas

When entering a new area, you often see some ghosts to walk around and open fire toward your squad
To get rid of this, you can take a cover of a rain of bullets
Then, when seeing an opening, get out and shoot them
Do not forget to take a cover to minimize as much damage as possible.

In addition, you will get to complete the side missions in form of the contracts
Completing these contracts will give you better rewards in form of extra parts or cash
Anyway, do the easy ones first, then upgrade the contract building to hold more challenging contracts which will earn you cash and gold, the main currencies of this game.


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