Complete Circuits to Unlock New Characters in One Tap Tennis iPhone

One Tap Tennis is a new product of EA Chillingo designed specially for the ios and android devices.
Here, all you will do is to beat your opponents in a tennis match from one round to another

one tap tennis walkthrough ios android

In other words, you will merely hit the ball at the right time to return the shot and take your opponent out so that you will get your victory and unlock new character to play with
When doing so, just try to do it when the ball touches the red zone
Moreover, if you can do that well, you will get a better shot.

To return a shot from your opponent, just tap the screen when you see the line is inside of the yellow zone.

However, if the line is inside of the red zone, you will get double the score from the tap you are doing there
For such reasons, try to get some red shots to beat your rivals quickly and go up in the leaderboard.

During the game play, just focus on the line flowing across the stage
It is caused by you will know where to place the line inside of the yellow zone so that you will be able to make an accurate hit.

Always consider to tap the save button after defeating an opponent
By doing so, you do not have to go all the way through the circuit again

After beating a particular circuit, you will be able to unlock a new character.
You can then customize your characters from the home menu
In order to unlock new character fast, you can purchase them in various prices


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